Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I Love

Now that I have vented out all the pesky frustrations I want to counter it by expressing the things that I love and appreciate. In all honesty, looking at the positive side has never been strength of mine. I’ve always felt that if you just assume the worst, and don’t get your hopes up, you can’t be let down. Very cynical I know, but hey I’m not perfect. My mom is the complete opposite. She has a way of finding positive things in everything something that I always admired about her. She always told me that I needed to stop being such a pessimist. And now that I am in the Peace Corps it’s a vital coping mechanism that a person needs to have. Focusing on the positives and not dwelling on the negatives. One of my fellow PC friends is a prime example of this. She has this fascinating way of finding the littlest things and appreciating it. So, I am trying to follow the example of my friend, mom, and the PC’s advice by thinking and taking note of all the positive aspects of my crazy life. Here is what I’ve come up with that I love and appreciate:
·         When it rains and cools the hot weather down
·         My Samoan family
·         My peace corps friends
·         Driving around the island (Probably my favorite thing to do here)
·         The fact that there are no snakes here
·         Coconut trees
·         I love that no matter where I go; a view of the ocean is always nearby.
·         Receiving mail and emails from friends and family back home
·         Samoan ice cream
·         Samoan coffee
·         A killer view of the stars at night
·         Long walks in the evening
·         Samoan music
·         Being able to go into town when I need a “break”
·         snorkeling
·         Cheap taxis
·         Walking around my village and people calling my name to say hello

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