Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Well its been awhile since I've posted something so I thought now was as good of time as any. I am starting to make my mini trips to see friends before I leave, and I catch myself saying and thinking things like, "This is the last time I will be visiting you in Chicago for two years!" or "This is the last time we are going to be able to go here together for two years!" It is verryyyy slowly ALL starting to sink in. I have exactly 4 weeks before I am boarding the plane to head to staging, and between now and then I have so many things to do. My mind is constantly running 24/7 whether its on which clothes I'm going to get the most use of, or how I'm ever going to manage to pack everything! Here is what I've been thinking about and doing currently and probably will until I leave:
 *visiting my friends in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Purdue
* Making my mom my power of attorney
* Trying to work out as much as possible in deep fear that I'm just going to gain it all back plus more when I move to Samoa
* Updating my address/phone book (which by the way is not as easy as it seems considering that my friends are all in the "in between  stage," of their lives where they are moving from college to the "real world" and don't have permanent addresses yet.)
* I have been meeting fellow Group 83'ers via email, and I'm so excited because they all seem great!
* Have a small obsession with reading all info on Samoa including others PCV's blogs and am considering therapy.
* Attempting to pack (which really means throwing my stuff in a corner and saying, "yeah I'll take that and make it fit later."
* Eating spaghetti like it's my job... I think my stomach knows it will be deprived of this wonderous food for a long time.
* Just bought an awesome backpack for the trip.
* Have been considering the irony in the fact that the two things that make me nervous, storms and dogs are the two things that are very common and fierce in Samoa. That should be fun to overcome!!! Not.
 * I will be missing my dads 60th birthday, my sisters 21st birthday, and 3 weddings. Not happy about this AT ALL. :-(
*Wondering where in the world I'm going to find a Samoan to English translation book!!!??? Any ideas anyone?

Alright well that's pretty much whats going on with me. 28 days and counting. :-)

L.   <3


  1. I love storms but am terrified of aggressive dogs. We can practice rock throwing!

  2. haha I want in on the practice! Only two weeks now! Any luck with the dictionary?