Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm going to Samoa!!

I found out yesterday that I am going to Samoa!! I was so excited to get that package that when I opened it I was ecstatic for about a second. Then before I knew it my mind started filling with all the paperwork, and plans I had to start making. First thing was first, today I needed to file for my no fee passport and get that sent out immediately! Most people have a longer period of time to work on there paperwork. However, I am literally leaving in six weeks and have no time whatsoever when it comes to filling out forms, and protocols. I had to go get a second copy of my birth certificate because my other copy is already mailed out with the application for my regular passport. Then I had to go get pictures taken for my passport. Then I went to the post office to spend about a good half hour with the mail carrier who went over EVERYTHING in detail before she would validate my application. Nevertheless, I got it all done and sent it out over night. Next on my to do list update my resume, write my aspiration statement and email it to the peace corps department. (which has to be done within the next five days.)

Here's what I have to do within the next 5 weeks:

1. Update resume and write my aspiration statement then email it.
2. Get a power of attorney
3. Make copies of everything and anything i.e.resumes, medical history, student loan deferment forms etc.
4. Buy supplies
5. Pack my life for the next two years while remembering to keep it under 80 lbs.
6. Cancel or transfer phone service
7. Say goodbye to friends and family

I know there is much more, but this is all I can think of off the top of my head.
Ready? Set. GO!


  1. at least you get 80 lbs, i only get 50!! then again, i wont be gone 2 years. haha GOOD LUCK!

  2. Your best bet for a Samoan-English dictionary is to buy one when you get to Samoa - possibly at the Wesley bookshop opposite the Tourism Fale, or there are copies at NUS library (where I used to work) and probably at the public library in the Pacific room. Have fun! I miss Samoa A LOT.