Wednesday, October 13, 2010

White Sunday/ Children's Day

Children’s Day/White Sunday
Today is a holiday here in Samoa. It’s called White Sunday, it’s a day dedicated to the children. The children are spoiled with treats, new clothes and attention. I went to one of my Samoan instructor’s church to see how this day is celebrated. It was a cool thing to experience. Most people wear all white, however its mostly important the children wear white, symbolizing purity. During the church service the children performed skits, dances, and songs for the people. They sang in Samoan, and English. I was astonished because at such a young age these kids can sing in such harmony. I don’t know what it is about Samoans but they are not only big people, but also amazing singers; almost like they are genetically predisposed. After the service there was refreshments and a little get together with all the people in the church. I loved celebrating this important holiday with them. It made me feel like I was taking one small step to becoming closer understanding and being a part of their culture.

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